Italian designers love making iPhone 4G concepts

Italian designers love making iPhone 4G concepts

iPhone 4G concept by Seraphan

It seems that the Italians love to conceptualize the future iPhone 4G model that Apple is expected to release mid 2010.  Our friends at Mobile Crunch have discovered some beautiful new renderings of an artists work, “Seraphan, a member on Spaziocellulare forum (translated to Cellular Space).  He has released his renders of what the iPhone 4G could be, and they are pretty colorful with some nice smooth curves.

They are renderd in black, white, fuscia pink, some baby blue color and a limey green, these arent’ unibodies, but they do have a microSD slot, rear camera, a ring flash that seems to double as a the glowing Apple logo on the reverse, and speaker vents on the top.  A very nice set of images, thanks to everyone who sent this in.

iPhone 4G Concept Photo Gallery