New BlackBerry Storm 3 is really a BlackBerry slider?

New BlackBerry Storm 3 is really a BlackBerry slider?

BlackBerry Slider phone
BlackBerry Slider phone displayed on

It seems that the boys and girls at Research in Motion have been keeping pretty busy. We’ve seen two generations of the BlackBerry Storm already, but there are still people like me who would prefer to have a physical keyboard. How are they going to appease the masses? Based on these leaked photos, it seems they’re doing it with a BlackBerry slider phone.

There’s no model number or model name attached to this just yet, but some are starting to call it the BlackBerry Storm 3. While in its closed position, it looks almost like the regular BlackBerry Storm, except there is an optical trackpad included underneath the touchscreen.

What makes this BlackBerry different than all the rest, however, is that verticaly slide-out keyboard. This gives the BlackBerry slider the same kind of form factor as the Palm Pre, except you get all of that BlackBerry-fueled addiction goodness.

Take these leaked shots with a serious grain of salt, of course, but they do look quite convincing. Should this slider indeed be the BlackBerry Storm3, it’ll likely have that BlackBerry OS 6.0 that’s got everyone talking.