New area codes getting added to Ontario and Montreal

New area codes getting added to Ontario and Montreal


It seems that too many people are grabbing new cell phones and other lines, because the phone companies are running out of phone numbers. To better accommodate this ongoing growth, three new area codes are being rolled out in Ontario and Quebec.

This comes by way for the Telecommunications Alliance, which includes Bell, Videotron, Rogers, Telus, and “all telecommunications carriers” operating in the affected areas. What this means is that if you are not already doing the ten-digit dialing thing, you will need to.

In eastern Ontario, the 613 area is being overlaid with the new 343 area code. In northern Ontario, the 705 region is gaining the new 249 area code. And in the Montreal area, you’ll have both the 579 area code and the 450 area code.

The first area code to roll out will be 343 (eastern Ontario) and that happens on May 17 of this year. Next up will be 579 (Montreal) and that happens starting August 21 of this year. The last of the trio, 249 (northern Ontario) gets its rollout starting March 19, 2011.