Google Android app downloads catching up to iPhone

Google Android app downloads catching up to iPhone

Chart: AdMob
The gap between Apple iPhone and Google Android app downloads is disappearing quickly.

Apps are an integral part of smartphones and their appeal to us.  They are essentially enhancements for a device that lets us do useful, silly, fun, and important things.  A recent study has broken down the number of app downloads per device, and the results are somewhat surprising.

In a recent report from AdMob, app downloads of over 900 people were tallied and averaged to determine how many apps were downloaded per month.  The results found that iPod Touch owners downloaded the highest amount of apps per month from the iTunes app store – at 12.1 apps per person.  The next highest app downloads were neck and neck from iPhone and Google Android users at 8.8 and 8.7 downloads per month respectively.  This is surprising as the Android platform has not been in existence for very long, and for it to be able to match the iPhone in app downloads is dangerous to the iPhone’s success.  Palm’s WebOS brought about 5.7 downloads per user.

While the Android has closed in on the iPhone, and the iPod Touch for free download app stats; it is the iPhone that averages the highest average of paid app downloads per month at 1.8.  This is a bit higher than the Droid’s 1.1 and slightly higher than the iPod Touch’s 1.6.  Palm’s WebOS came in at 0.6 paid downloads per user.

It is astounding to see how apps are coming to the forefront of importance on smartphones.  It is even more unusual to see the iPhone look so vulnerable to the Droid in app downloads, the iPhone’s bread and butter.  It will be interesting to see how the Apple iPad plays this out, how will it compare? Consider that the iPad will be heavily reliant on app downloads to make it successful.