Google Nexus One phone headed to Verizon March 23rd?

Google Nexus One phone headed to Verizon March 23rd?

Google Nexus One Phone with Verizon badge

It may not be long before we see Google’s Android phone, dubbed the Nexus One, available on the Verizon Wireless network. If Google adds Verizon to the mix, you and I may get a competitive price – since T-Mobile will have to share their slice of the pie.

The rumor is that on March 23 the Nexus One will be available to Verizon customers, making them the second U.S. wireless carrier to offer Google’s device. March 23 is coincidentally the first day of CTIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, coincidence, or not?

The Nexus One’s slogan reads “Web Meets Phone” which is a classy market position to assume. Let’s breakdown what’s under the hood of this bad boy. It has a sleek tablet shape with a 3.7 inch, WGVA display, 1 GHz snapdragon processor combined with the sought after Android Operating System, 512 MB RAM with a 4 GB Micro SD card (can be upgraded to 32 GB), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and a nifty Digital Compass – just in case the GPS fails and your lost while hiking.

Nexus One comes with a whole suite of Google related applications which continue to grow in numbers each day.

This spring the Nexus One is off to Europe, where it will debut as a VodaPhone product. Rumor has it their release date is April. That means German wireless carrier T-Mobile won’t be the only company with a sole-provider monopoly of Nexus One.