Win the iPad: Mobile Magazine contest giveaway

Win the iPad: Mobile Magazine contest giveaway


We’re holding a contest to give away what could be the most anticipated gadget of the decade, a device that may revolutionize the print industry, a device launching with 150,000 available apps right from day one, a device that will change the world! Or it just may end up getting lost in a stack of papers on your coffee table, who knows? It’s the Apple iPad.One lucky reader will win an Apple iPad, and all you have to do is complete this survey below to enter.

Most of the questions are put together to help us focus on what is important to you and give you the best experience when reading Mobile Magazine. The others are to help us sell ads, someones gotta put the bread on the table. The winner will be announced one week after Apple ships the iPad.

All fields required please.

Update: If you do not use a real email address your entry will be invalid.

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