Palm Pre WebOS 1.4 update will have Adobe Flash 10.1

Palm Pre WebOS 1.4 update will have Adobe Flash 10.1

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When the Palm Pre was revealed at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many said that it could be a serious competitor to the iPhone. Apple’s handset still reigns supreme, but that doesn’t mean Palm and Sprint are going to run and hide in a corner. They’re pushing out upgrades that’ll make the Palm Pre even more enticing, so they hope.

Sprint will be sending out the new WebOS 1.4 upgrade to Palm Pre owners after a community alert was dispatched revealing the news. The new OS comes with a range of improvements, but the most notable is support for a new Adobe Flash 10.1 plug-in from the Palm App Catalog.

WebOS 1.4 will also bring video recording to the mix, phonebook transfers, messaging enhancements, email enhancements, and improved phone performance. You get a number of little bug fixes to go with it too.

The original community alert, which said that the WebOS 1.4 update would be ready for delivery today, has since been pulled. On the bright side, the upgrade should be coming soon and, from what we can gather, Palm Pre Plus owners on Verizon should be getting a similar update too.