Mystery blank key discovered on Apple iPad keyboard dock

Mystery blank key discovered on Apple iPad keyboard dock

Photo: MacRumors, Apple iPad Keyboard Dock with blank key

Apple revealed the iPad keyboard dock to the public with a blank key. Overlooked by almost everyone, the mystery key was finally noticed by a member of the Mac Rumors forum, Macduke. The location of the key is in the middle above the number 6 key, traditionally where F6 would be. Macduke believes Apple may assign a function to the blank key before shipment; he also speculates that the function could be to launch a Mac-like dashboard with plenty of widgets, perhaps a “back to home” type of button? Ideal for using as central command screen for communication services like twitter, facebook and iBooks.

Below is a picture of the Apple iPad keyboard dock from their website that has clear view of the mystery blank key. Keep in mind that the blank key details are just a theory; the real function will be disclosed to the public when its actually available for purchase from the Apple store.

It may not even have any function at all, like an unlock key for the screen or even a user-customizable option. Most of us hope it’s for the initiation of the video conferencing option that will use a surprise front facing camera that Apple never told us about.

Photo: Apple iPad Keyboard Dock, Apple Website (Image has been resampled to 200% of original size)