MiFi to go 4G, WiMAX to blanket communities

MiFi to go 4G, WiMAX to blanket communities


I remember when I first saw the Novatel MiFi device, I thought it was wonderful, the ability to pop in a SIM card your 3G provider packed in your phone – creating a Wi-Fi hotspot for nearby devices.  Sure the data bills could get steep, but this was before wireless tethering became “a thing.”

While I’m more inclined to use wireless tethering now, there are still many others who love the MiFi and the terrific utility that it provides. If you want to go even faster, you’ll be happy to hear that Novatel Wireless has just completed testing for the 4G version of the MiFi. That’s right. The credit card-sized box has hopped onto WiMAX, and it’s going to get a heck of a lot cheaper.

Using present 3G MiFi, most users have reasonably happy with the connection, it all works as expected, the web, the tweets, the face books. However, the speed can lag out with hefty data transfers.  The WiMAX 4G version however, will sustain a throughput of 18Mbps.

Theoretically, a maximum download of 30Mbps and upload of 10Mbps are attainable. That’s a lot faster than many home broadband connections.  With that much speed it wouldn’t take you very long to burst through the stingy 5GB data cap.

Some industry sources believe it could replace current home Internet connections, but have all the implications of blanketing communities in another source of radio frequencies been thorughouly investigated?