i-tab portable digital guitar tab player clips to your guitar, has 5″...

i-tab portable digital guitar tab player clips to your guitar, has 5″ touchscreen LCD

Portable Guitar Tab Player by i-tab

Tech-minded musicians will appreciate this portable 4GB guitar tablature player from i-tab. It sports a 5-inch touch screen and built in speakers for you to clip on the end of your guitars head while you jam new tracks.

Attempting to “revolutionize” the method in which musicians use guitar tabs, scrolling chords and lyrics simultaneously make it seem like Guitar Band gone pro. With 4GB of memory for storage, you download songs from the i-tab website and load them up on i-tab, you will be shocked to see that they also come with backing tracks and reels of video. I’m sure the company contemplated releasing a simple iPhone app and dock for guitars, but the 5-inch screen is going to provide advantages in this situation, especially when viewing your tabs.

The i-tab ships with a small taste of 30 free song tabs; including U2 (Beautiful Day), Oasis (Wonderwall) and The Rolling Stones (Jumping Jack Flash). Even TV out leads to play synchronized chords, lyrics and backing tracks through the player or through your TV for everyone to sing along.

Shipping mid-March in the UK, early April worldwide, expect to shell out $199 US plus the cost of additional tracks which run around .75 cents.