Jay Leno rides new DeLorean back to the future

Jay Leno rides new DeLorean back to the future

Delorean DMC 12
DeLorean DMC 12

Tonight Show host Jay Leno has always had a passion for automobiles, perhaps he thought of himself as a budding Marty McFly back in his early years, and with no foreseeable future of hovering skateboards, Leno has turned his interest to the DeLorean.

The first DeLorean DMC was made in 1981 by John DeLorean, about 9000 rolled off the lot and into the hands, or driveways, of drivers. DeLorean was a brilliant engineer, one of the cool ones, not your typical lab coat type. So cool that he ran into drug smuggling problems and the whole business went down with him. Regardless, he got off on his charges, as all cool engineers do, but by then no one was interested in the car anymore.

Steven Wynn, president of DeLorean Motor Car Company, is the new man behind the name , and bringing the defunct vehicle back from the dead and into production again. He plans to fix the troubles the DMC DeLorean had encountered in its original production and give it new enhancements for today’s touring car market.

The original engine offered 135 horsepower, the new one will be 195 horsepower. New suspension technology, brakes, leather dash and a stainless steel chasis will also be offered. Of course, in order to convince buyers that it is a “new” model, the DeLorean DMC 12 will have HD and satellite radio, iPod interface, satellite navigation, and Bluetooth. Sadly, this model will not use left over beer and bananas for fuel.

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