iPhone Explorer turns iPhone into a remote memory drive, so there!

iPhone Explorer turns iPhone into a remote memory drive, so there!

iPhone Explorer for Mac OSX

Ok that was fast.  Not even 10 hours ago we reported on how the iPhone practically sucked because it couldn’t run apps off  a memory chip.  Well, it still cant, but it can act as a portable memory drive so that’s gotta count for something.

A new desktop utility called iPhone Explorer (IE), basically turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a flash drive, and no, you don’t have to be jail broken but it does provide a few benefits if you are.  Not intended for the novice iPhone user, as this utility could inevitably botch your OS, that means a reset, so I’m sure you know how that works by now.  If it’s jailbroken, you get sweet access to the real root of your iPhone, where you can recover your address book, SMS, e-mails and more.

The software lets you drag and drop files as if you had another “windows explorer” window open with your iPhone sitting there, or a Finder in the case of those with a real computer.   You can rename, delete, and create files. Essentially giving you the access you should have had in the first place, but don’t, because everyone in Cupertino squeels like a baby hamster when they fart. Turning your iPhone into a remote storage device means you wont have to worry about losing those tiny little memory flash drives that fall in between car seats, puddles, and get mangled in the wash cycle.

Head on over to iPhone Explorer‘s website, grab the free tool for Windows or Mac, and you will be dragging and dropping until your hearts content.

iPhone Explorer for Windows (not as pretty)