Tetris with “Magic Mode” for the iPhone and iPod Touch reviewed

Tetris with “Magic Mode” for the iPhone and iPod Touch reviewed


Most gamers over the age of ten are sure to have heard of or even played the Tetris game.  Tetris of course, is known as the most popular puzzle video games and one of the most popular games of all time. Its sold over 70 million copies throughout the world and is available on almost any gaming device, including the iPhone.  If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and might have forgotten about the old school favorite, you can download it to your device on iTunes for the only $4.99 (£2.99).

In the Tetris game app by EA Mobile, there are two gameplay modes, Marathon mode and Magic mode.  Marathon mode is the classic Tetris game we grew up playing on the NES and Game Boy.  You have to last as long as you can in the seemingly endless onslaught of tetrominoes until your stack reaches the top of the Tetris matrix.  If you loved the original game, this mode alone is worth the buy.

Magic Mode is the new addition to Tetris on the iPhone.  It basically adds power ups to the game if you can eliminate enough rows of tetrominoes.  These power ups include a bubble wrap power up that allows you to pop each piece like bubble wrap, and the crayon add up which allows you to draw the exact piece you want on the iPhone screen.  These power ups are pretty cool, but the rest of them are not nearly as impressive or creative as the previous two.  I like this mode in that it puts forth an effort to be a little creative with a game that has remained for the most part unchanged since its creation over two decades ago.

The graphics in the Tetris app are outstanding.  The tetrominoes are colorful, sharp, and smooth moving that really gives the app a big boost.  The sound effects are good but nothing to rave about.  The music in the game is terrible.  It sounds nothing like the original game and should be for the most part ignored.  You can use your own music when in the game and that can make play much better.  If you’re a classic Tetris player, I’d recommend getting the original songs on it which would really recreate the experience and make it a lot more fun to play.

The controls are superb.  The multi-touch screen on the iPhone is utilized to perfection.  To move the piece left or right, simply drag your finger left or right on the screen respectively.  To turn the piece, simply tap the screen.  To drop it, flick your finger down on the screen.  It is incredibly simple, tight, and responsive.  It is very tough to make a controlling mistake in this game and the controls alone make it a sheer pleasure to play.

Tetris is just a very good app and is well worth the money for a download.  If you loved Tetris on the NES, then this game is sure to please.  It is a classic game, seamlessly ported to the iPhone, with a reasonable price tag.  It is fun, addicting, and nostalgic which is the stuff great apps are made of.  I highly recommend Tetris for the iPhone.