Google Earth Mobile app now out for the Nexus One ‘Android 2.1’

Google Earth Mobile app now out for the Nexus One ‘Android 2.1’


There is a new app to add in the already intensive library of Google code for your Android phone. You can use it for everything from Gmail to Google Maps, and now you get to have a global view too thanks to the new Google Earth Mobile app for Android.

Developed to work with Android 2.1, the “fastest mobile version of Google Earth” is now available for download through the Google Marketplace. The Android edition of Google Earth will support a screen resolution of up to 800×480 pixels and a “smooth” frame rate.

Inside the app, you’ll find a roads layer that can be placed over top the digital satellite image. There’s also voice recognition to help you find your points of interest, whether they be specific locations or more general search terms. You can still browse through local businesses too.

The good news is that the new Google Earth app for Android is perfectly happy working on the Nexus One. The bad news is that it is not yet ready for the Motorola Droid, so you’ll have to wait for Moto to roll out Android 2.1 update for that phone first.