Trafficmaster International Rescue offers concierge service via smartphone

Trafficmaster International Rescue offers concierge service via smartphone


Have you ever been traveling abroad and then you lose your passport? Maybe you’re in a foreign land and you got mugged on the subway? These can be very stressful moments and that’s why it helps to have some local assistance close at hand. Catering to this exact market is International Rescue, a smartphone-based service launched by Trafficmaster.

From what I can gather, you take out your smartphone, boot up the International Rescue app, and it will connect you with the Trafficmaster personal assistants in the UK. They can then direct you to in-country local teams to help you with whatever you need. They can act as a liaison for the police and emergency services, for instance, but International Rescue also has a concierge service in case you need to find a hotel, ATM, or just missed a flight.

Having local coverage is positively critical when it comes to concierge service, so it’s good to see that Trafficmaster has enlisted teams of experts in over 40 countries around the world. Whether you’re in Belgium or Brazil, they have you covered.

“When you are abroad it is difficult and confusing to know who to contact in an emergency,” said Trafficmaster Chief Executive Tony Eales. “Often problems are escalated because of delays in communication, a lack of co-ordination between various parties and of course language barriers. Our travels teams have the knowledge and authority to quickly deal with situations and ensure problems are managed effectively.”

The International Rescue app is currently available for BlackBerry, Symbian, and windows Mobile smartphones. The iPhone version is slated to launch next month. You can pay 20GBP a month or opt for the 65GBP annual subscription.