Pwn the competition with ORIGIN EON18 custom gaming laptop

Pwn the competition with ORIGIN EON18 custom gaming laptop


It used to be that you needed a desktop computer if you wanted a proper gaming experience, but there are now more than a few suitable notebooks out there for you to consider too. One of the latest to join the fray also happens to be one of the most powerful. ORIGIN has come forward with its new EON18 custom gaming laptop.

Set to “deliver record breaking performance and set a new bar for custom gaming laptops,” the ORIGIN EON18 is quite the beast to behold. It has a large 18.4-inch full HD (1920×1080) widescreen display, so this is very much a desktop replacement.

Under the hood, you get your choice of an Intel Core i7 Extreme processor, dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX285M graphics cards in SLI configuration, up to 8GB of dual channel DDR3 1333MHz RAM, up to three solid state drives in RAID configurations, and an optional dual layer Blu-ray disc burner.

The design goes further with programmable gaming buttons, touch sensitive access buttons, and “visceral airbrush artistry” from Killer Paint. The ORIGIN EON18 is clearly designed “for gamers who crave power and speed over cute and petite.”

Prices start at $2,299. Head over to for more information.

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