Google Shopper for Android, just another set of Goggles?

Google Shopper for Android, just another set of Goggles?


Google has released Google Shopper for Android, but it’s left some industry reporters confused. The application appears to be identical to other price searching tools like ShopSavvy, even the companies own Google Goggles. Applications like this could pose a serious threat to bricks-and-mortar businesses already struggling to stay afloat with big box stores undercutting them.

The purpose of the app is to help shoppers (or deal hunters) find prices from other stores when at a retailer with the product hand. You can scan the barcode, or take a photograph of a book cover , as shown in Google’s demonstration video, resulting in a list of various prices from multiple vendors.

It’s convenient, handy, and would let you immediately know the premium you are paying for having that product at that moment. The software even supports voice search, for the ease of saying the products name to be searched for the lowest prices.