Bomb particles checked by mobile device after hand swabs at airport checkpoints

Bomb particles checked by mobile device after hand swabs at airport checkpoints


Since the Christmas Day bomb scare, airports have been testing out new and ‘improved’ security measures.  According to the  TSA, airport security screeners at gates and security checkpoint lines will be taking chemical swabs directly from passenger’s hands.    Using a mobile bomb detection device, security screeners will ask random passengers to show their hands, a soft cloth will do a quick swab and then the cloth is put in the Mobile Explosive Trace Detection unit, in about 10 seconds the cloth is analyzed for any explosive residue.

TSA spokeswoman Andrea McCauley said “Since December 25th, we’ve been enhancing our security measures at airports throughout the country, including random screenings at the checkpoints and at the gates.  TSA has been swabbing luggage for explosive residue for years but wanted to add another layer of security after the Christmas Day incident.”

Passengers have mixed feelings about this new procedure.  While most agree that it is a great idea to check for theses things, some are worried that because the machine takes 10 seconds to analyze the cloth, it will create longer delays.  You would also think that any terrorist capable of building a bomb, would be smart enough not to touch the explosives with their hands.  But really, if they place the test at the beginning of the many security procedures already being done, by the time you pass through the searching, scanning, analysis (and a few others) the results should be ready to read.