Eggy and Bike Speaker: New portable mobile sound products coming to CEBIT

Eggy and Bike Speaker: New portable mobile sound products coming to CEBIT


S&J Co. Ltd is going to be showcasing two new products at CeBIT 2010 which is to be held in March.  Yes, that’s right, CEBIT. We’re just wrapping up Mobile World Congress and manufacturers are readying themselves for the next event.

The super compact portable speakers, ‘Eggy’ and ‘Bike Speaker’ are for mobile users, whether on a bicycle or traveling with a laptop you can have sound with you on the go.  The Eggy has a simple and compact design that fits in you hand.  It looks like an egg and uses micro-mini 20 mm drivers with a 2W output and digital amplifier that provides “quality? sound.  Eggy uses the USB interface as its power source requiring no extra wires.

The Bike Speaker is a safe and convenient way to listen to your tunes while riding the trails, or maneuvering cramped busy city streets.  It’s detachable of course, so it can come with you when you get to your destination.  Basically the same guts as Eggy, but with volume controls, a stopwatch and FM radio.

Dong-jun Seo, the  CEO of S&J released this about the company’s ambitious plan. “We expect very high demand for Bike Speaker in the advanced European countries where the rate of bike use is higher than in any other parts of the world. With our new products, S&J will expand our global distribution network to all corners of the world including Europe.”

As Original Development Manufacturing specialists of Samsung Electronics, S&J currently supplies them with USB memory, keyboards, mice, web-cams, headsets and speakers.