Nintendo DS2 to feature accelerometer tilt control

Nintendo DS2 to feature accelerometer tilt control


Nintendo has long since been the leader in the realm of portable gaming. I still remember how excited I was to play Tetris on the original Game Boy, even though the display was only capable of that spinach green monochrome. My, how far we have come since then.

The Nintendo DS eventually paved the way for the DS Lite and the DSi, but what will the future bring? Is Nintendo concerned about Apple infringing on its mobile gaming world with the iPhone? That appears to be the case, because the codenamed Nintendo DS2 looks like it will have a accelerometer enabling full tilt control.

This is based on the early development kits that are being shipped out to some of Nintendo’s favorite game developers. A way for them to get started on those incredibly important launch titles. Among these developers is the Pokemon Company. Yes, Pikachu is still popular.

Details surrounding the Nintendo DS2 gaming handheld are slim at best, but we can probably assume the double-display configuration is to stay in place. Dual touchscreens would be an interesting addition this time around. Either way, it seems that the tilt sensor is the newest thing, but the DS2 won’t hit retailers still for quite some time.