Google Android overtaking smartphone world, surpassing iPhone?

Google Android overtaking smartphone world, surpassing iPhone?


Photo: Froogloid

Google’s Android has seen phone shipments rise so fast that they may overtake iPhone sales and theres not much Apple can do about it.  Google keeps up at the rate of 60,000 Android handsets shipped per day, according to Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. They stand a very good chance of dominating the market, and that includes overtaking Apple.  Unless they make some serious advancements in the next-generation iPhone 4G, and open up the OS, we can say goodbye to the iPhone being the #1 selling phone in the world.

As a more appealing platform to release applications on, Android developers get to avoid the lengthy drawn out process that iPhone developers must endure.

AdMob recently announced that ad requests from Android devices had doubled in just two months, ComScore showed double the market share for Android’s from the third quarter of 2009 to the fourth quarter. Smaato, a mobile advertising platform provider, reported clickthrough rates for  Android users have surpassed those of iPhone users just last month.

When Apple shipped the first iPhone in 2007, their unit sales reached 2.315 million and then slumped to 717,000 over the following four quarters. By the sixth quarter, total iPhone units shipped hit 6.89 million, thanks to the introduction of the iPhone 3G.

With a free Android OS offered up to a multitude of handset manufacturers, Google has a lot more to offer and is quickly becoming a mobile operating system innovator.