Video shows BlackBerry WebKit-based browser at MWC

Video shows BlackBerry WebKit-based browser at MWC


Research In Motion has just announced, but not released the WebKit-based BlackBerry web browser. A sneak-preview of a video from this mornings Mobile World Congress show’s that it’s fast loading, smooth scrolling and enhances the javascript experience.

At the MWC was Mike Lazaridis, RIM’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, he gave attendee’s a quick overview in the morning’s general session in Barcelona.

WebKit-based BlackBerry browser scored 100 percent in Web-rendering Acid 3 tests, and can handle AJAX, CSS and HTML5. Still no mention of support for Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, however Adobe announced this week that it will launch the AIR platform for the Google Android OS, RIM devices are expected to be next.