Predictive text gets touchy with Nuance T9 Write

Predictive text gets touchy with Nuance T9 Write


By now, you’ve probably become familiar with T9 predictive text technology. If you’ve ever owned just about any cell phone and you’ve sent a text message, there’s a good chance that you’ve used it. From Nokia to Motorola, nearly all phones with numeric keypads use this great system. So, how does it translate to the modern arena?

Bringing a similar concept to the increasingly popular touchscreen format is the newly unveiled Nuance T9 Write predictive text technology. Designed for pen-based and touchscreen devices, this “innovative handwriting technology” offers “multi-touch gestures and on-top writing capabilities.”

Nuance T9 Write combines handwriting input, which is particularly popular with Asian languages, with Nuance XT9 predictive text technology. This works with more than 40 different languages and it’ll recognize naturally shaped letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

You know how the predictive text on the iPhone starts to understand which words you use the most often, adapting accordingly over time? Nuance T9 Write does the same kind of thing, learning “each user’s preferred vocabulary and even adds new words based on user communication patterns.”

Going one step further, you can even get it to recognize abbreviations for commonly-used phrases, email addresses and other frequently used words. The “on top” technology means that you write each letter on top of one another, rather than across the screen. And yes, it does multi-touch.