Lazy Days Hammock, lappin’ and loungin’

Lazy Days Hammock, lappin’ and loungin’


This is sweet…. The Lazy Days Hammock, designed with the professional lounger in mind.

A portable hammock that won’t leave those annoying knot marks on my butt, it’s made from soft, durable nylon. The manufactures have taken into account that lazy/tired people would be the ones who have to put the hammock up so they designed it to be very simply and takes mere seconds.  It can go in any location, comes with its own sturdy collapsible steel frame so you don’t needs trees or any boy scout knotting tips.  It weights 22 pounds and collapses into a handy carry case not much larger than a camping chair.  I can see these popping up on beaches everywhere.

Currently taking pre-orders, the price is £69.99, in Blue or Stripy.