Primo Micro iPhone and iPod battery pack from PhoneSuit

Primo Micro iPhone and iPod battery pack from PhoneSuit


The Primo, a portable, rechargeable battery for your iPhone & iPod is only about the size of your thumb and is an astonishing 800mAh capacity battery.  This provides roughly 3 hours of talk time on your iPhone or 36 hours of music on an iPod.

The design of the Primo is very sleek.  There are 3 small lights that indicate battery level and charge status on the front and a mini-USB port on the back.  The dock connector is on the top, when connected there is a space which would allow a protective case to remain on your device when using the Primo. The Primo is Apple certified and is compatible with the iPhone, 3G & 3GS, iPod, iPod Classic, Touch, Touch 2G and all versions of the Nano.

PhoneSuit’s Primo is using high quality lithium-ion power cells and are good for 500+ full charges.  The Primo comes with a standard USB cable for recharging that plugs into any USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible outlets.

An extra bonus that the Primo gives us is a better grip and increased sound when in landscape mode.  Because the Primo extends your grip on the side where the speaker is, it allows you to fully hear the speakers that you (I) usually cover up with your hand when gripping an iPhone or iPod touch in landscape mode.

Available in white or black, with a pricetag of just $34.95 from the Primo store, it has made its way onto my have-to-have-it list.