Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick for Netbooks and Laptops released

Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick for Netbooks and Laptops released


On Thursday, Trinity Audio Group Inc., makers of the Indamixx Portable Internet Radio Station, announced they are expanding their line with Indamixx Portable Studio on a USB stick.

With a 14 minute install the Indamixx USB stick turns your netbook and notebooks into an affordable, portable audio recording studio.

The Indamixx USB will be introducing Renoise, a Tracker based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).  The creative director, Ronald Stewart, stated that “through a strategic licensing agreement, the Indamixx USB Version features the availability of Renoise. Renoise is one of the most advanced music production applications I’ve seen in years. Renoise is much more than a Tracker it’s a ‘Super Tracker’ and we are excited to have this addition to the Indamixx lineup,”

Production tools and software applications are designed with their classic Metal Design look.  Renoise – Super Tracker is included and will feature Transmission 3.1 Real Time OS; 2G; LinuxDSP, an exquisite ‘suite’ of mastering plugins and effects; ArdourXchange, Pro Tools compatible protocol; Ardour, a digital audio workstation; Mixxx – digital DJ; a hydrogen drum machine; 350 classic sample and scratches; over 260 Plugins / effects; IDJC – an internet radio station; a demo version of energy XT2; VST Host;  Rhythmbox music player; a Brasero CD Burner; Skype and Firefox;  complimentary software support and it’s made in the U.S.A.

And as an added bonus, a special ‘Wear Your Upgrade’ t-shit that has your unique  Indamixx USB Version upgrade code printed right on the shirt, lol.

Available at for only $149.00 and includes the shirt, bonus!