Official: Real VNC Viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch

Official: Real VNC Viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch


Officially announced today, but has been available on the iTunes App Store for just about a week now, RealVNC Viewer for the iPhone and iPod Touch will give you full control of a computer anywhere in the world.

VNC Viewer gives you access to any documents, applications or settings you would normally access on your Mac OSX, Windows, Linux or Unix computer that is connected to the Internet.

Many of us are familiar with VNC, and some are even users. I personally have used VNC quite often to perform remote repairs or to just grab files I forgot to bring with me. Now only if Flint Lockwood the inventor from the Sony pictures film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs had an iPhone loaded with VNC, he could have sent himself the kill code from his home computer and he wouldn’t have had such a problem destroying the massive mutant meatball cloud he inadvertently created in the first place.

Back to VNC here, you can view flash-based websites remotely, copy and paste text between apps on your iPhone and computer. Standard iPhone touch, tap and drag gestures work to control the remote computer; pinching to zoom into a specific area or out to see the whole picture.

If you’re not so much into gestures and want precise control, an alternate mouse button mode creates a virtual left, middle and right mouse buttons and an imaginary scroll wheel on the desktop. You can enter text with the on-screen Apple keyboard

People who have used the app so far are quite impressed, one reviewer writes “I am impressed with the fluidity of the movement and especially the mouse mode with actual transparent on screen mouse buttons.” another systems administrator writes “Now I can get to my servers and workstations in a pinch. This one works just like the desktop version with quick access to ctrl-alt-del for windows. Also works great with our Mac clients as well. Worth the cost!”

VNC Viewer for the iPhone and iPod touch is available to download now from the App Store for $9.99. Now how cool will this be when it comes out for the iPad?

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