Jivo Leaf, The green biodegradable iPhone case

Jivo Leaf, The green biodegradable iPhone case


With what seems to be everyone and their dog stepping up to the plate in the world of conservation, green is good is the consensus even among companies who still manufacture their “green” goods thousands of miles away in countries like China. To them, being green is just a marketing thing, perhaps a phase for the times, but to companies like Jivo, they take it home.

“We see The Leaf as a turning point in the future of Irish manufacturing and design. For years we have seen a huge trend in manufacturing moving from Europe to China but we have proven with this project that we can competitively manufacture in Ireland. We have confirmed orders for over seven million units” said John McHugh, a director at Jivo in a press statement.

Jivo is an Ireland based company who has developed the Jivo Leaf, a simple biodegradable case that will protect your Apple iPhone from getting dinged and scratched.

When your iPhone is dated and you recycle that, throw your Jivo Leaf in the garbage and it will be gone in five years. Microbial bacteria typical of landfills will break it down in just five years, and it won’t start to break down until you throw it away, so put your fears aside of your iPhone case disintegrating in your pocket. Typical iPhone cases can take fifty years or more to degrade.

The Leaf’s enhanced biodegradable properties are attributed to a chemical called Eco-Pure, this is a 100% organic material blended into the plastic during the time of manufacture.

Jivo also uses recycled packaging to ship and sell the Jivo Leaf, they also manufacture it in Ireland which sets them apart, now that’s staying close to home. Jivo Leaf will sell for €19.99 or close to $28 USD from the Jivo website next week.