InFocus DisplayLink cuts the cord between projector and MacBook

InFocus DisplayLink cuts the cord between projector and MacBook


InFocus today revealed a wireless solution that eliminates a wired connection between your Mac laptop and InFocus projector. Now set free from the tether of digital projectors, the InFocus DisplayLink Wireless system is a pair of small USB sticks which connect to InFocus’ DisplayLink-enabled projectors to share HD content on big screens from your MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air portables.

It’s been a year in the making for Macs, Windows OS notebooks have been able to utilize the DisplayLink technology since August 2009. Now with support for Apple, InFocus stands to take on the projection market where Macs are.

Until the DisplayLink stepped up, MacBook owners would have to use a mini-DisplayPort or mini-DVI to VGA adapter to connect to a VGA cable that connects to the projector for the video, and another cable for the audio. InFocus has changed all that via a single wireless link sent through the USB adapter.

Security has been considered, each pair of USB adapters are factory pre-paired and transmit over a 128 bit encrypted protocol. Quality is crisp and clear thanks to Ultra Wide Band chips made by Wisair. Video output can reach 2048×1152 and 720p video, depending on the projector model.

Expect to see the Mac OS versions available for purchase system at the end of March 2010.

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