Skype on the iPhone with crystal clear calling over 3G coming ‘really...

Skype on the iPhone with crystal clear calling over 3G coming ‘really soon’


Skype has an update to their iPhone app on the backburner and were told it will be on the iTunes app store “realy soon.”

The Skype app will take a nice chunk of change off your monthly mobile phone bill by connecting you with your Skype contacts and utilizing the Skype Out services which come in various packages ranging from low per-minute rates, unlimited local, national and global while connected to your 3G network.

“We want to give you as much feedback as possible about what’s actually going on with your call,” said David Ponsford, leader of Skype’s iPhone development team.

They are aiming for CD-quality sound on your calls, currently the only Skype application for iPhone allows half-duplex communications, similar to that of a walkie-talkie.

Ponsford also talked about the app having a clear indicator of what type of call quality and signal you were achieving with red-yellow-green-coded status lights in real time while on a call.

The current 1.3 version of the Skype iPhone app only allows calls over WiFi. This is another announcement following Apples change in their developer kit allowing VoIP applications to make calls over 3G networks, and with AT&T on board, it’s a go. Other vendors have been releasing VoIP over 3G apps for the iPhone since then.

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