Is that a data center on your trailer?

Is that a data center on your trailer?


From time to time we like to stretch out our mobile coverage to the outer limits of portability, today, HP is helping us do just that with their 20 foot mobile data center, taking portable storage to a whole new level.

A container if you will, built into a high Performance-Optimized Data center (POD) which will handle around 1,500 computing nodes, 27 kW per rack, with ten 50-unit racks all packed into a nice POD.

Base PODs will sell for $600,000, excluding the gear to get it going. Previous 40 foot “high-density” models went for $1.2 million, low-density versions were shy of $1 million.

Now what do you do with a mobile data center? Ask IBM, Dell, Sun and other smaller companies like Bull and Verari. From increasing capcity for expansion to remote deployments and disaster recover sites, a POD can expand your computing power quickly and efficiently. If you can foot the bill.