BlackBerry for Skype app released, limited talking with half-duplex

BlackBerry for Skype app released, limited talking with half-duplex


We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting, they’ve given us dates that have passed, but today it is here. Skype for the BlackBerry, almost.

About one year ago Skype began beta testing an application for the BlackBerry to allow Skype calls to be made to other Skype users or telephone numbers, but that hasn’t happened.

An application called IM+ for Skype for BlackBerry has finally been released, and it has a lot of support for Skype and other features that are new. Like calling other Skype users on their PC, chatting with Skype users via text, sending Skype SMS messages, sending files, photos and voice messages to Skype contacts but best of all, the ability to make free Skype calls to international destinations when roaming with Wi-Fi.

The service is VoIP and is carried out in half-duplex mode, similar to a walkie-talkie. One person speaks at a time, not the greatest, but it sure is a foot in the door.

So with free VoIP calls, support for avatars, contact list grid, new scrollbars and other features, at $29.95 you get unlimited updates and support, or try a 7 day free trial. Seems a bit pricey to me, but Igor Berezovsky, CEO of SHAPE Services says “Besides, you get crystal clear voice quality and almost no delays.”

The app is apparently available for other platforms like the iPhone/iPod Touch, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian S60 and J2ME.

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