VeriFone PAYware Mobile makes iPhone a POS machine

VeriFone PAYware Mobile makes iPhone a POS machine


You whip out a card, the shop keeper swipes it on their iPhone, you autograph the screen, a receipt is emailed to you, the transaction is complete.  PAYware Mobile is a combination of an iPhone app and a secure card reader encryption sleeve for point of sale purchases.  The best thing about this is the security, the card data is encrypted at the hardware level before ever being relayed through the iPhone to the vendors financial institution, now that’s safe.  The next great thing is, well, it’s going to save small businesses loads of money on credit card processing fees and they get to play with an iPhone in the meantime.

The sleeve is made of durable plastic with a velvety touch finish on it.  Its mini-usb port on the top allows you to keep charged while still having the PAYware sleeve connected to your iPhone. A blue LED light is illuminated when the software is ready for you to swipe.  On the back side is a slot for the mini-stylus used by customers to sign.  The device supports both the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

VeriFone is offering around 30 perecent in savings when using the card encryption sleeve in conjunction with the PAYware app, this will place merchants in a “lower-cost” group where interchange fees are reduced due to the physical card being present at the time of transaction.

VeriFone customers currently using the processing solution, PAYware Connect, will be able to use their existing merchant accounts and benefit from the new service.