Dave Wireless to launch Mobilicity in Canada this spring

Dave Wireless to launch Mobilicity in Canada this spring


Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc, aka Dave Wireless, will be a low-cost carrier similar to Virgin Mobile and Wind Mobile offering wireless services throughout Canada. They plan to launch in Toronto this spring and market services under their new name: Mobilicity – incorporating their focus on simplicity for the city.

Mobilicity will offer wireless services in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa later this year. The low-cost carriers have been chipping away at Canada’s big three mobile firms: Telus, Bell and Rogers. With another player spreading the wireless waves, Mobilicity should fare well in a competitive market that thrives on undercutting the competition and no contracts.

“Mobilicity will kick the value equation up a notch this spring,” said President Dave Dobbin. “If you live and work in one of our cities and you’re looking for the best wireless deal around, you’re going to love Mobilicity.”

Dave Wireless is a Canadian holding company of Obelysk and New York private investment firm Quadrangle Capital Partners.