Free online backups – Accessible anywhere, hopefully forever

Free online backups – Accessible anywhere, hopefully forever


How many nightmares stories have you heard about people loosing all their data and the first thing you think is ‘Aren’t you backed up?’  We are going to provide you a list of some highly recommended reliable websites from our friends at Internet Nut so you can backup your files online and never worry again – and these are free.

This list is alphabetical – you will have to choose for yourself which one suits you best.

First we have ADrive who is offering an outstanding 50GB of free storage.  A well established company that while they are offering lots of free storage space, it does lack support and there are lots of advertisements (understandably a necessity to keep the site operating).  ADrive makes the claim of being the leader of online storage; their service has received numerous awards and widespread press coverage.  Not a difficult site to maneuver and any file type can be uploaded.

Although is an online operating system, it also has 15GB of free storage space to offer., the Global Hosted Operating SysTem, has been declared “very secure” by Amazon, There is also a “lite” version which is available for use on your mobile phone. Operating is as easy as transferring files from one folder to another on your computer.  This really is quite an impressive site.

Google Storage offers 1GB to users who have a Google account. We hear it’s not pretty but you know Google, it’s sure as hell going to be reliable.

MediaMax with 2GB of storage space offers a very simplistic way of transferring your files and it looks very professional.  This site allows a scheduling of your designated files to be backed up and retains 30 of your latest backups.  Great site but we want more space.

Mozy Free is similar to SkyDrive but is known to be more up to date, easier to use and is esthetically more pleasing.  Another notable difference is that Mozy is only offering 2GB of free storage space, for a $5 monthly fee Mozy does offers unlimited backups.  The security on Mozy Free is top notch and they provide scheduled backups.

SkyDrive is owned by Microsoft and powered by Windows Live.  That fact alone is why this is a very safe and secure site to backup with.  Offering a hefty 25GB of free storage space with an easy to use interface and an option so you can make all of your uploaded files completely private or accessible to only those you choose.  It requires a free Live Account.  SkyDrive might be the most reliable site and is available anywhere.

We hope that by providing you with this list of reputable sites it will ease your mind about all those companies who took a huge part of the online backup storage market a few years back and then shut down, taking your info with them.