iPhone turned fashion assistant, great apps for every style

iPhone turned fashion assistant, great apps for every style


Every fashion app you will ever need or want is right here, thanks to the Independent and their digging.  We took which ones we thought would be best for the mobile iPhone carrying fashionista, have a look and decide for yourself.

Our first app is a bit of a “simulation”, have you ever wanted to go shopping at the hottest boutiques on the famous Oxford Street in the heart of London?   For just $1.99 you can with the Shop View apps.  A 3D tour of the shops and with links to their Twitter feeds and websites you get to enjoy the special sales like you really are right there.

Seventeen Magazine’s Seventeen Fashion Finder app lets you shop for designer items, share them with friends, and even see what the stars are choosing.  This one is free.

Want instructions and new patterns for crocheting?  Maybe? Oh come on just try the ForgetMeKnit Lite app it’s free.

For instant outfit approval, the Love It or Lose it app lets you send three pictures of an outfit, from wherever you are, to your friends or the app’s online community for their “you look hot” approval before you buy.

For fashion events and venues from around the globe check out Trendstop Trend Tracker app.  It also selects this season’s trends for your style.

myFendi app locates the nearest store for you according to your favorites by label, it will also co-ordinate Fendi items with clothes that are in your own personal wardrobe. This one is also free.

GQ magazine’s new app, set to be released with its February issue for $2.99.  It’s features include; who are the most stylish men, a Victoria Secret fashion shoot, a special on suits, and a guide on How to Survive Valentine’s Day.  Very important in this Hallmark day and age.

For the dedicated fashionista is the Fashion Handbook app.  It explains fashions key terms, information about fashion’s part in entertainment, art and architecture.  Sort of the dictionary/bible to fashion. It also helps with the do’s and don’ts of the season, and proper styles for each body type.  It sells for $9.99.

Zara – Inditex app was released in December for iPhone, it allows you to shop through their collections, provides detailed pictures and give you access to current stock.  It also notifies you of their new arrivals.  Some nice photography of their latest line included. It’s a free one.

Target app has lots of extra useful features compared to Zara.  Included is a store finder detailing what is currently in stock at the location, promotes special offers, and it includes a gift finder.  A unique feature allows you to comment and review items that other shoppers can refer to.  They even have support for gift registries and it’s free.

Teen Vogue Haute Spot app is $1.99, it allows you to look through Teen Vogue’s closets, match your favorite items and either buy them directly over the phone or share the outfit with an online community.  You can even create your own styles and looks and share them with friends.

Distill Magazine’s lite app features a variety of photographs that have been published in lifestyle and high-fashion magazines.

Chicfeed app works the same as Distill but includes updates form from the popular blogs such as Sartorialist, Face Hunter, and Altamira.

Social Mall app displays the best malls locally and any special offers available.  This app also allows you to share an outfit idea with your friends and receive their opinions instantly.  You can send out a group invitation after consulting the dinner and movie guides. This one is for US customers only, but it’s free.

Victoria’s Secret has released their own app that corresponds with their annual fashion show.  Features include information on store openings, photo shoots, videos and backstage pictures as well as the voting for the upcoming ‘Angels’. This is a free app.

ELLE shopping guide app gives you the best shops for your personal preference as recommended by Elle magazine’s editors.  This app is free and only available for New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco shoppers.

Finally, the Tattoo Patterns app has 130 various patterns to browse for $1.99.  Tattoos were very present on the runways at this lastest fashion week so this app should prove to be quite popular. Local tattoo shops usually have massive books of these for free.