Review: Cellphone GPS Jammer protects you from corporate espionage

Review: Cellphone GPS Jammer protects you from corporate espionage


Whether you are a CEO, drug dealer, product developer, or just a paranoid fool, a mobile phone and GPS jammer may be just the gadget missing from your anti-espionage tool belt.

You have reason to believe a competitor in your business has a GPS tracker magnetically attached to your car somewhere. You can’t be entirely sure and you can’t really afford to take the risk. But somehow they are always one step ahead of you, intercepting your potential clients, buying up land you were scouting, some how they always seem to be one step ahead of you. That’s just one scenario where a cellphone + GPS jammer could come in handy.

More realistically you don’t want interruptions during your weekly boardroom meetings so you switch the jammer on and suddenly something magical happens, all the texting, blackberrying and what have you, comes to an end. Perhaps you have a medical clinic, waiting room, or other facility that does not permit the use of cellphones, switch on a jammer and for about 10 meters (30 feet) depending on the signal strength, there is peace and quiet.

The jammer from the Jammer Store has the ability to drop a call in progress within 45 seconds, it blocks calls on almost all networks including; digital IDEN, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, Analog-AMPS, NMT, N-AMPS, TACS and GPS L1.

The unit itself is very stealth, it looks like a little box with an LED light on it. One switch on the side and a plug for charging. You can slide the back cover off to reveal a 4.2V 1200mAh lithium-ion battery. As you can see from the internal photo below the three antennas are quite small, the more advanced units that are a bit pricier basically have a stronger jamming radius.

The units start at $70 and come in a variety of jamming styles, the Mini GJ is purely for GPS, the Mini PJ is purely for cellphone blocking and also does 3G, the Mini GPJ is the unit tested above and does a variety of cellphone and GPS, and the Mini RFJ will jam WiFi, wireless cameras, Bluetooth, spy cameras, wireless microphones and any other 2.4G devices.

Check the Jammer Store for other similar products.

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