VeriSign Identity Protection mobile app on Verizon Wireless phones

VeriSign Identity Protection mobile app on Verizon Wireless phones


Customers looking to increase the protection of their online data can now use VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile.

VIP Access for Mobile application is using a two-factor authentications credential, certified for BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), allowing users to access trusted applications directly from their mobile device.

VIP Access system will display a one-time unique six-digit security code onto your device, which has been generated by a user’s VIP authentication credentials.  This gives users a second means of authentication in addition to your primary username and password of your online accounts. The VIP security code is a one-time generated password that changes every 30 seconds automatically.

VIP Authentication Service allows small/medium business or large enterprises to provide secure remote log-ins for virtual private networks, corporate intranets, partner portals, as well as consumer’s online banking and mobile payment services.

Online businesses who protect both their sites and users with the VIP Authentication Service become members of the VIP Network.  The service allows users to enter one security credential which authenticates them across any VIP enabled web site.  By utilizing the cloud-based services the VIP Authentication Service can provide lower total cost of ownership, fast deployment of two-factor authentication and easier use for IT administrators.

“Bringing VIP Access for Mobile to Verizon Wireless customers dramatically broadens the footprint of VIP authentication and puts a powerful tool against identity fraud into the hands of millions of mobile users,” said Kerry Loftus, vice president of User Authentication at VeriSign. “We’re proud to work with Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless provider, to deploy strong authentication with an application that makes these safeguards fast, easy and free for subscribers to install and use.”

VIP Access for Mobile application from Verisign is free and available now for download.