MSI takes on Apple’s iPad with a $500 10″ Tegra-based tablet

MSI takes on Apple’s iPad with a $500 10″ Tegra-based tablet


Following up on yesterday’s official unveiling of the Apple iPad tablet computer, it’s not suprising to see the floodgates opening from its competitors. One of the first devices to join the iPad-occupied arena is a yet-unnamed MSI tablet PC.

Although there are definitely tablet PCs, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), and UMPCs already on the market, this MSI product is much more in line with what the iPad is trying to accomplish. The features sound very similar too, except for the lack of Cupertino flair, of course.

With the MSI tablet, the chipset comes by way of Nvidia Tegra and it comes equipped with a 10-inch color touchscreen. We’re hearing that the MSI tablet will have “wireless support,” but there is no direct indication whether this refers to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, or all of the above. The provided picture looks like Google Android is under the hood.

As with the Apple iPad, the MSI net tablet will also be priced starting at $500. The current timeline calls for a launch in the second half of 2010, which will probably usher in accusations of being an iPad clone, justified or not.