USB Medical cards carry vital data on your person securely

USB Medical cards carry vital data on your person securely


Medical records and information are very important for many Americans, letting paramedics and other healthcare professionals know about any issues you may have just may very well save your life. Memi Tech has two products for you, a 911 Medical ID wallet card and a 911 Medical ID Medallion.

The wallet card and medallion are USB portable personal health record (PHR). When plugged into a USB port of a Windows-based computer the 911 Medical ID Card and Medallion will automatically launch step by step software to read or enter information.

Each device holds 2GB of storage.  Private documents can be safely stored in a secure password-protected area.  Up to ten family members information can be held on each device.   All information is backed up on a password-protected HIPAA compliant, private secure server location which is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

The 911 Medical ID card is the size of a credit card and fits in most wallets, while the 911 Medical ID Medallion weighs less than a quarter-ounce and is the size of dog tags. Prices are $34.99 and $39.99 respectively.  The Medallion is perfect for people who normally do not carry a wallet, such as the elderly, disabled and children.  It is perfect for someone who wants their medical history to be immediately assessable and may not always be in the position to relay it themselves.

“In the event of an emergency, healthcare providers will have instant access to all your vital medical information,” said Dr. Guy Lerner, MEMI Tech’s medical adviser. “Having information such as medical conditions, medications, allergies, living will, and medical tests easily available avoids delays in treatment and costly mistakes. The only way to assure that your healthcare providers have the best chance to help you is to always carry your own up-to-date comprehensive portable personal health record with you in an easily findable and readable format.”