Online iPhone and Android app creator get’s too popular, too fast

Online iPhone and Android app creator get’s too popular, too fast


Genwi, a service that combines aspects of an RSS reader, social network and news filters has recently released iSites.  An online tool that allows you to take your website’s RSS feed and data, then turn it into an iPhone app for only $25. The only problem is iSites has sent too many designs to Apple and cannot keep up.

A message has recently gone up on their website “Currently we have been inundated with new app requests. Hence we have decided to temporarily stop activating and accepting payments for new apps until all currently paid apps are submitted to Apple for final review. Please note that you can continue to create new apps and publish – but will not be able to activate and submit it for review.”

iSites is fairly simple, you add a name, description, category, some keywords, your RSS feed URL, you can even add your social feeds (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc).  Customize the header image, colors and menu, your icon and store banner.  Take the information, the app store info and click a button and your app will be published onto the iPhone and Android stores once they let off their restrictive cap.

There are many other features that allow it to work so easily like video support, image thumbnails and you’re able to ‘favorite’ articles.  There is a feature for quick sharing, allowing users to share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

For $99 you can integrate something called AdMob advertising where you can monetize your app with some ad clicks.

This form of creating your own iPhone app is simple, cheap and efficient.  iSites also offers stats on what is downloaded, what content is the most popular and which apps were viewed.