A Boogie Board for scribbles, not waves

A Boogie Board for scribbles, not waves


The Boogie Board is like a futuristic notepad you can keep on your fridge, door, or wherever you want to leave a message. Improv Electronics has designed a pressure-sensitive tablet that runs on a single watch battery and takes blackboards to a whole new level.

Built with a Reflex LCD, power is only needed when you erase the screen, drawing and scribbling on the screen requires no power at all. At only $29.97 and one battery lasting 50,000 erases, I really can’t think of any better way to stop using paper post it notes, or those messy white boards which never really erase properly in the first place. The future? Perhaps classrooms with entire walls covered in Boogie Boards, gone are the days of chalk.

[Gizmodo via Crunchgear]