Truphone cuts mobile roaming rates by 90%: GSM phones only

Truphone cuts mobile roaming rates by 90%: GSM phones only


Making calls on your mobile while roaming in another country is usually for emergencies only, otherwise you will be hit with a hefty bill from your carrier. Truphone is cutting that cost by more than 90% with their new global mobile phone service dubbed: Local Anywhere.

The GSM-based solution is launching for the United States and U.K., with Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa on the 2010 timeline.

An unlocked GSM phone will be required, just pop in the Truphone SIM card and you’ll be making calls at around 12 cents per minute, when compared to 99 cents and $1.29 per minute for roaming on AT&T and other GSM-based wireless carriers.

Here are some features and benefits from their press release that the Truphone Local Anywhere will offer:

* Local calling rates in Truphone countries: With Truphone Local Anywhere, international travellers enjoy rates that are a fraction of standard roaming fees. For example, AT&T subscribers roaming in the U.K. pay between 99 cents and $1.29 per minute(1), depending on their calling plans, but from only 12 cents per minute with Truphone Local Rates.

* Local contact numbers in Truphone countries: Local numbers mean people can call you on your mobile at local rates for them – at no cost to you.

* Low-cost international calling: Great rates to make international calls at home or abroad, offering savings of up to 90 percent over standard mobile operator charges.

*Low-cost roaming: Great rates when roaming in non-Truphone countries offering savings of up to 40 percent over standard mobile operator charges.

*Keep in touch with friends and family by not only making low-cost calls back home, but also allowing them to call you on a local number. U.S. expatriates settled in the UK can save more than 90 percent when they call home for an hour a week, compared to standard mobile operator charges and can enjoy local rates when you travel back home.