IBM Invades Smartphone World with Enterprise Mail

IBM Invades Smartphone World with Enterprise Mail


It’s not exactly the first name that comes to mind when you consider the smartphone market, but it seems that IBM is ready to make a giant splash in the industry. Before you get your hopes up (or down), IBM is not preparing any hardware. Instead, the company is offering some great software.

The latest news has IBM delivering enterprise secure mail for Android, iPhone, and Nokia Symbian smartphones. This is a major expansion of the IBM Lotus collaboration software, giving these platforms a suitably secure alternative to the BlackBerry service.

“The capabilities of Lotus Notes Traveler bring IBM’s enterprise-grade messaging to the iPhone, Symbian and later, Android-based phones, a big plus for those who want one device for their personal and business lives,” said GM chief strategy and technology officer Kirk Gutmann. “Downloading the Lotus Notes Traveler Companion app from the Apple App Store is great news, as is getting IBM social software on the BlackBerry.”

The future release of Lotus Notes Traveler includes mail, calendar and contacts support and it is no-charge software that will synchronize over-the-air between mobile devices and Lotus Domino data.