Cell phone car starter project: Win

Cell phone car starter project: Win


I purchased a car starter about 3 months ago but just never got around to installing it, I see now what I was holding out for. A website called Dave Hacks, run by a guy named Dave, who says he doesn’t really hack, but ‘modifies’ things has posted a DIY on the cheap for a cell phone to remote car starter project, allowing you to boot up your bronco by a simple phone call.

Dave’s gone at it with a fairly simple approach, he’s connected the vibrator motor leads from the phone to a headphone jack. This in turn sends a signal to the remote start as it sets off the key fob. The entire kit cost him $71.03 and included some very cheap and basic ingredients:

* Remote Starter – $35
* Phone – $10
* Minutes – $20
* Perf Board – $0.45
* Project Box – $2.10
* Relay Socket – $1.79
* Relay – $1.69
* Solder, tools, wire, optoisolator – $Free (Had or Scavenged)
Overall Cost of project: $71.03

One thing Dave has to watch out for is that phone number getting out. Just one call will start up the vehicle. He mentioned not paying for anymore time on the phone and just using a schedule within the phones calendar to start the vehicle according to his needs.