Terabyte rugged notebook is a first

Terabyte rugged notebook is a first


GammaTech Computer Corporation is bringing a new notebook to market will be able to withstand drops, shocks, spills and whatever else you can throw at it.

The D14 E-Series is unique from their other notebooks; this one comes with one terabyte of disk space.  The D14 E-Series has 3 models (E0, E1, and E2) that give you the optimal configuration for your computing requirements.   The D14 E0 has one terabyte of disk space creating higher performance and providing maximum data storage.  The E1 synchronization is configured as a RAID-1 device, providing real time data backup, (small sigh of relief).  The E2 comes with two separate 500GB hard disk drives for those obsessively organized.

The E-Series is powered by Intel’s Montevina technology with 2 Duo processors; delivering faster multitasking performance and better energy efficiency all in an impressive magnesium alloy case. The keyboard and system switches have insulation around them to protect against spills. The disk drive has two shock mounts and the there is anti-shock materials around the vital components protects everything against drops and shock. Providing dust protection is rubber caps for the input/output port.  GammaTech Durabook uses Military 810F guidelines to test their notebooks.

The D14 E-Series are available only from authorized GammaTech DURABOOK resellers. You can visit http://www.gammatechusa.com for more information.