V Phone VoIP app for iPhone cuts LD to International destinations

V Phone VoIP app for iPhone cuts LD to International destinations


VPhone is a SIP client made by a company called Matrix which will allow you to utilize a VoIP service provider on your mobile handset, the iPhone version was just released today.

Voice calls and SMS are routed through the internet connection of your iPhone, basically it’s translated to data packets rather then being seen as “voice” or “sms” by your mobile carrier. So if you have a hefty data plan, then this is the software for you.

International calls are where this comes in as a cost-effective product where mobile phone carrier LD rates for international destinations are practically insane. With a VoIP provider, you could literally save thousands off your phone bill each year.

The VPhone application is really targeted to VoIP Service Providers (VSP’s) that provide the voice services to their customers and would add VPhone as an ancillary service to their existing offerings. However, it will work just the same if you are inclined to configure it with your VoIP providers settings.

V Phone 1.01 is $1.99 (USD) and can be purchased and downloaded from the iTunes App Store. It is already available for Symbia S60 3g, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

What’s your long distance bill like on your mobile phone? Do you use VoIP at home?