Landscape typing and more with Skype for iPhone 1.3

Landscape typing and more with Skype for iPhone 1.3


Landscape Typing and More with Skype for iPhone 1.3It’s already pretty cool that you can use Skype on your Apple iPhone, but the current app is not without its limitations. Officially, you can only use Skype over Wi-Fi and not over a 3G connection, but the newest Skype for iPhone 1.3 update comes with a few changes that may bring a small smile to your face.

No, the 3G connection thing hasn’t been “fixed” just yet, but you will now have access to a landscape-oriented touchscreen QWERTY keyboard while in chat mode with Skype for iPhone. This horizontal keyboard is a lot easier to use than the vertical one, wouldn’t you say?

Another important upgrade is the ability to monitor the quality of your call connection. You can be a little more careful about those dropped calls, proactively stepping some place where you’ll have a stronger signal.

Third, the Skype for iPhone 1.3 app fixes that bug “that caused calls to crash after returning from hold.” That was a pain, to be sure, so it’s good to see that fix.

And better still? The download is a free, so Skype away, my friends. Skype away. You can find the newest version of Skype for iPhone through the App Store.

Source: Lifehacker