Google Mobile App fresh for the BlackBerry

Google Mobile App fresh for the BlackBerry


The single-must-have add-on for the BlackBerry smartphone is a Google Mobile App.   An update on Thursday, to version 3.5.48, is making the free download even more useful.

Google Mobile App now searches your phone’s e-mail and address books and performs a full web search when you type or speak a name into the search bar. The latest version responds to keywords as well as names, tiny icons that match the keyword you‘ve entered to content within your address book, email or from the web search.  The e-mail or phone contact will appear in the app’s search suggestions, (a tiny icon), then you can call your contact or launch an SMS from Google Mobile App.

In addition, the app contains a quick link for replying to an e-mail, and if you go through the menu options you can convert it to a forwarded message. Going between web and device search results are possible through a “breadcrumb” link found in the search box.  The quickness and efficiency of the search were impressive.

BlackBerry users can download Google Mobile App version 3.5 over-the-air by pointing the mobile browser to Check more screenshots over at CNet.