FDA tries to stop NJOY electronic cigarette company from entering US

FDA tries to stop NJOY electronic cigarette company from entering US


The US Government’s FDA arm is trying to keep NJOY, an alternative electronic smoking product, out of the US market. However just last night, the District Court of Columbia issued a decision granting NJOY’s motion for preliminary injuction to prevent the FDA from detaining or refusing admission of their product.

This is good news for smokers, bad news for cigarette smoking companies. NJOY has already spread to millions of users around Europe, who knows how well it will do in the US market, but with it being a “healthier” alternative to traditional cigarettes, it may do quite well in this Dr. Oz world we live in today.

The preliminary injunction from the DC prohibits the FDA from detaining NJOY’s products or refusing their admission into the U.S. unless and until the FDA provides evidence that their products are being marketed for their “therapeutic effect,” such as the treatment of nicotine addiction or helping smokers quit.

Now this all sounds a bit crazy if you think of it this way, a company comes out with an alternative to smoking, an electronic device with an atomic vaporizer, and the FDA want’s to stop them because they feel it is a health product.

However, a recent study concluded: “These results address concerns raised by the FDA and others about product ingredients, safety and health risks, and specifically, found that there is no carcinogenic risk from TSNAs – tobacco specific nitrosamines – in the vapor inhaled by NJOY product users or non-users who may be exposed to the constituents passively.”